AWQAF USA's Udhiya/Qurbani program is a unique program which makes use of all parts of the animal to make further money on the Udhiya/Qurbani, which in turn used to help the poor and people in need through our various other projects. Not only that the buyer of the Udhiya gets reward for performing their religious duty of sacrifice, but they also get an ongoing reward (sadaqa Jariya) by building a sustainable endowment (Waqf) out of it at no extra cost.

How much is the Udhiya/Qurbani?
The cost for each Udhiya is set at a flat rate of $135 per animal. 

Where does the meat go from my Udhiya/Qurbani?
AWQAF USA is partnered with the AWAF organization in New Zealand and the government of Dubai (AMAF) to perform the slaughtering and distribution of the meat to areas around the world where people are in most need. This is done through major NGO's such as the Red Crescent/Cross. 

Why should I buy my Udhiya/Qurbani with AWQAF USA?
AWQAF USA is 100% volunteer based, US tax exempt non-profit organization, which means that every dollar you spend goes directly to charity. This is why we are able to keep the cost of Udhiya at such a low price compared to other organizations.
In addition, AWQAF USA Udhiya/Qurbani program is unique because it provides you with the benefit of an ongoing and sustainable charity (Sadaqa Jariya) out of your Qurbani with no additional cost to you by using the animal by products and making useful products out of it. In this process, the local community benefits by creation of jobs where these products are made.

Can I get tax credit for my Udhiya/Qurbani?
Yes. AWQAF USA is a tax exempt organization by the US government. The tax exemption number is 37-1711384. 

  • Tax Exemption number 37-1711384
Qurbani Donations
  •  One easy online payment
  • Shipping cost included
  • Qurbani sent to those in need
  • Absolutely no wastage
  • 100% charitable
  • Islamic Shari’ah compliant
  • Continuous Qurbani Sadaqah
  • Sustainable Benefits for the needy